New Camera iPhone / iPad Application

A fresh look at your iPhone/iPad camera!

Includes many advanced features and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Continuous (burst) shooting mode (low, medium or high speed)
Self-timer camera mode (with variable delay and a blinking indicator)
Movable shutter button
Tap-and-drag to select focus point
Tap-and-drag to change exposure
An attractive vertical grid layout to view your photos
An option to password-protect your photo album for added privacy
An option to add photos to the standard device photo library
Instantly share photos via Tweeter or email

New Camera app can set exposure
Exposure~ipad and focus Focus~ipad independently.
  • A single tap on the screen brings up focus control, which can then be dragged around to change the focus point.
  • A two finger tap brings both focus and exposure controls, which can then be dragged individually.
  • A double tap removes the exposure and focus controls.

Screenshot 2012.04.17 14.54.52

NOTE: Not all devices support these controls and they will be enabled / disabled according to device capabilities.

The shutter button
Camera can be moved anywhere on the screen for the user’s convenience and the app will remember its latest position.

New Camera also provides various standard shooting options. These can be seen by pressing
option~ipad button, and dismissed by pressing the option~ipad button again or touching anywhere outside the panel.

Screenshot 2012.04.17 15.05.36

Other standard controls include:

  • Camera switcher FlipCamera~iphone (front to back camera and vice versa)
  • Flash control - supports four different modes: On~iphone Off~iphone Auto~iphone Flash~iphone

A New Camera photo album can be accessed by pressing on the album button Album~ipad . The icon displays a pad lock when an album passcode is turned onAlbumLocked~ipad for privacy.

To access a private / protected album, a user has provide a correct passcode. This pass code is set by the user when security is turned on.

Passcode entry on an iPhone:

Screenshot 2012.04.17 14.15.43

Passcode entry on an iPad:

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012-04-17 11.38.02 PM

The images in the photo album are presented as polaroids in an attractive vertical grid layout.

The photo album as it appears on an iPhone:

Screenshot 2012.04.17 15.35.15

The photo album as it appears on an iPad:

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012-04-17 11.38.25 PM

Album control panel.

On iPhone

Screenshot 2012.04.17 14.03.36

On iPad

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012-04-17 11.38.37 PM

Individual image view with sharing options

Screenshot 2012.04.17 16.15.55

DeviceAlbum~iphone Add image to the device album Tweet~iphone Tweet image